Earthquake risk information for emergency management and planning in Canada.

Tools to help Canadians build resiliency to seismic risk through planning and emergency management.

Predictive Modeling

Earthquake Scenarios

Get information about the potential impacts from specific earthquake scenarios that could affect your area.

For each scenario you can learn about:

  • The extent and level of ground shaking
  • The expected consequences
  • The potential benefit of building retrofits
Relative Risk

Probabilistic Earthquake Risks

Take a comprehensive look at the potential impacts from all earthquakes that could affect your area over time.

For your area you can learn about:

  • The potential impacts from earthquakes over a 50-year period
  • How your earthquake risk compares to other areas

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Looking for earthquake scenario and probabilistic risk data? Download it here.

Probabilistic Risks

Probabilistic seismic risk considers the impact of all possible earthquakes, over a time period of interest. To explore the risk in your area, please select an indicator below.

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